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Strange, many-hued rock formations litter the border between south Utah and Arizona. This remote but particularly stunning sandy-red structure was all-but unheard of until the past decade. Coyote Buttes encompasses a series of spectacular wave-like ravines of swirling strata formed from 190-million-year-old sand dunes.
The Slot Canyons of Arizona USA

America’s south-west is scored with numerous sleek slot canyons, narrow fissures in the rock eroded by water and wind over the millennia. The most striking is Lower Antelope Canyon, also known as the Corkscrew, located on Navajo land near Page. Its interior changes constantly with the sun’s rays bouncing down the whirling walls.



     Coyote Buttes, Arizona and Utah

Catatumbo’s everlasting storm, Venezuela
Remember the saying that lightning never strikes in the same place twice? Forget that. A remarkable site at the mouth of the River Catatumbo, branching off Maracaibo Lake in western Venezuela, is the stage for an amazing lightshow on average 150 nights a year, totalling a million flashes annually. Oddly though, no thunder follows the lightning. The bizarre phenomenon is found nowhere else on Earth, and is thought to be the single biggest generator of ozone on the planet.


The Blue Grotto is a spectacular accident of nature. Found on the Italian island of Capri, this soft limestone cave is suffused by an eerie blue light. The light comes from another underwater entrance to the cave and is reflected off the white cave floor. Roman emperors supposedly used the grotto as a private bath.

Blue Grotto, Italy
Belize Barrier Reef
While Australia’s Great Barrier Reef grabs all the headlines, the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere is a close contender in spectacle and richness of marine life. Running for 250km off the coast of Belize, it’s also home to the astonishing Great Blue Hole – a vast, perfectly round limestone cavity and one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. The chasm runs 145 metres under the surface and is filled with strange stalactite formations that get more impressive the deeper you dive.



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